Bumbum Whistle (Ilẹkẹ ìdí kìí ṣèké)*

drink ogogoro for power of lapping waves
Be filled with the Holy Spirit
chant Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ,
in awe
sideways of the muse’s thigh
for pigeon coo
Of a stream strumming a hill
la la la la la la la la furore
make the bottom of that canoe leak a pool of light.

*Waist beads don’t lie



Your words roll off the screen to my tongue.
I taste the tears of a naked mind once upon a sweetness of us.
I wish on the aeroplane lights blinking in the night sky I was deep in it as much as you’re tall.
That you will Madonna me, lift me to your breast to crown thee with a laurel.
I shiver as the wind blow embers of these memories into a brightening sun over my brain stem.

You Become Solid When I Close My Eyes

Tell him to come home, my bruised rose wants a kiss and nothing else
Tell the cameraman to zoom-out before he turns into wraith-thin shadowy moths eaten by the wind
Teach me how to cry like machine crunching gravel, sob and hiss like grassy nights
As I write this poem in a long stare, you become solid when I close my eyes.